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Welcome to Our Public Learning Area -
Mission & Vision

Our Goal: Educate and inform the average man or woman to honorably respond or give remedy, especially concerning the law through training, learning, and practical experience.

Our Vision: "Keep the Republic" through the building of a research facility available to all where one can learn about the laws of the land, and the state, and how the law applies to your proper status. The facility will include a full and knowledgeable staff to assist with research, relevant materials, and conference rooms for continued learning.

Education is the key to “L.A.W.” Our studies show, with the right guidance and help, we can make a difference in this present world. We are also commissioned by the Creator to train and teach those in positions that administer the law, keeping them honorable.

In the Rochester L.A.W. public access of our site, you will find basic tools to not only learn about your freedom but also the work it takes to keep it. Most people ask, "Where do I start?" We suggest you start with the free items found in our catalog which can be found at the Get Free Stuff button and go through the basic lessons.

Finally, much time and effort has gone into our lessons, materials, and tutoring. Without your prayer and support, we cannot continue to meet our goal or to foresee our vision. You can support our goal, first by taking the step to be dedicated to learning, and second by joining with Rochester L.A.W. Your freedom depends on it!

DISCLAIMER: We are not a law firm, legal help firm, lawyers, or any other title of nobility in the defacto realm. We do not give legal advice, legal suggestions, or legal solutions. We are not for hire, hold ourselves out as lawyers or attorneys, nor do we want members that need attorneys or lawyers. They are there for the purpose of situations where you need attorneys or lawyers.

Please contact us for any questions you might have.